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Enhancing Your Online Presence

Thumbknuckle Media offers a vast array of advanced services to help our clients harness the power of their online presence. Through seamless integration with a new or existing website, we provide premium solutions for increased front-end and back-end security, site and search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce, social media and customer database management, just to name a few.


>Campaign Delivery Strategy
Identification of your ideal target audience, campaign launch and duration timing, message frequency, and call-to-action opportunities.
>Distribution Management
Deployment of your e-marketing campaign through no-cost, commercially-licensed or custom internal distribution systems.
>Contact List Validation
List-scrubbing service to identify email address typographic errors, non-existent email accounts and other red-flags that may result in unwanted bounced messages.
>Analytics Integration
Detailed tracking of the number of clicks, forwards, transactions, time on site or other actions associated with your overall e-marketing campaign success.
>HTML Template Design
Creation of custom image-friendly and link-friendly templates for use in one-time or ongoing e-marketing campaigns.

Social Media

>Automated Syndication
Instantly publish new content to any or all of your social media accounts direct from your website or mobile device.
>Website Integration
Social media page links and real-time import of conversations, updates and new posts to designated sections of your website.
>Results Measurement
Ongoing analysis of your social media presence and consumption trends, along with identification of social media outlets favored most by your website visitors.
>General & Niche Targeting
Identification of the best social media outlets for positioning your brand to mass and micro-targeted audiences.
>Content Generation
Copy writing, link building and online advertising services to increase your social media presence.


>Organic SEO
Optimization of all outbound and internal site links, meta descriptions, page indexing preferences and frequency of updates to gain higher search engine page rankings.
>Goal Setting & Measurement
Creation and monitoring of predefined action triggers such as contact and comment submissions, viewing of specific content, user Country of origin and website transaction types.
>Trend Monitoring
Identification of strengths and weaknesses based on highest-ranking content, average time on site pages, most popular entry and exit pages, overall and page-specific bounce rates, preferred web browsers and devices used most often to access your website.
>Custom Site Integration
Hard-coded and dynamic script integration for full-site metrics or targeted deployment on specific pages, forms or taxonomy class.
>Audience Segmentation
Inclusion or exclusion of specific visitor groups based on paramaters such as user geography, operating systems, browser types, website access permission level or subscription type.


>Site Access Management
Custom role and capability definitions to allow or restrict admin access and/or content to non-registered visitors, specified individual users, user groups or custom defined lists.
>Spam & Splog Shielding
MX entry management and deployment of countermeasures to decrease or eliminate unwanted spam emails and solicitations.
>Directory Concealment
Relative path coding and dynamic cloaking services to prevent access and unwanted download of proprietary or sensitive website content.
>Server Hardening
Apache & Linux server configuration of SSL certificates and root file encryption to reduce server-based vulnerabilities.
>PHP Exploit Prevention
Custom database and datatable configuration to protect your website from brute-force or SQL injection hacking.


>SQL Query Operations
Large or small-scale website data importing, exporting, isolation or modification.
>Database Transfer
End-to-end transfer of existing website content to new hosting providers, subdirectories or subdomains.
>Database Optimization
Load time acceleration and resource reduction through data cluster defragmentation and removal or reconciliation of broken links, images or unused extensions.
>Cross-table Integration
Universal syncronization of databases and data tables in multi-site or primary domain and subdomain environments.
>Automated Backups
Redundant cloud-based or local backups for quick website restoration in the event of accidental or intentional database corruption.


>Shared & Dedicated IPs
Economical solutions for all scales, applications and server requirements.
>Unlimited Bandwidth
Server throttling and unrestricted data transfer to ensure your website remains available and functional to visitors during periods of peak traffic.
>Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Setup and hosting of unlimited IMAP and POP3 e-mail accounts with account forwarding, autoresponse and shared directory options.
Shared website root and database server hosting utilizing the latest SQL and PHP engine versions.
>Apache/Linux/IIS Hosting
Specialized configurations for Apache HPPT 2.2 and SSH servers running on the web-preferred Linux operating system.

Contact Us today to discuss implementation of any of our advanced solutions for your new or exisiting website, or to find out more about other custom options available on a case-by-case basis.


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