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The Billboard Consortium

Challenge: Create a non-traditional online home for an outdoor advertising media consultancy and buying agency.

Installation: Custom WordPress installation utilizing PHP5.4 on dedicated LAMP stack

Features: Responsive bootstrap design, multimedia support, public and private blog pages, client portals, custom mapping scripts, ecommerce enabled, dynamic CMS, socialized content and autoposting to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, frontpage image slider, custom contact forms, custom database tables, emarketing and admin announcements, Google analytics

Background: Primary considerations included the need to equally represent both divisions of the business, while also providing a content-rich environment and the ability to create and manage private portals for client access to sensitive documents and campaign plans. By utilizing only a minimum number of plugins, along with extensive custom coding, the resulting site has met and exceeded all of the initially desired goals and functionality.

Visit: http://www.billboardconsortium.com/


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